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Allison Peck, Treasurer

Allison Peck, Treasurer, is a graduate of Georgia Tech with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering.  She started her career as a Manufacturing Engineer and Project Manager with National Instruments, a test and measurement company in Austin, Texas.    After taking some time off to focus on rearing her three boys, she is now the billing manager for a small company,, that she co-owns with her husband as well as working part time for a legal firm.

Allison has a wealth of experience with volunteer organizations.  She has been the treasurer for the Heart of Texas Georgia Tech club, the President of Southland’s PTO, and a Sunday school teacher.  She is currently the treasurer for the Americus Blue Tide Swim Team, a member of the Board of the Sumter Players, and an instructor for elementary engineering class using Legos.  One of her passions is leading a ministry at her church, Backpack Blessings, which provides weekend food to local children in need.

Allison's husband, Nathan, was recently diagnosed with IBMPFD.  After dealing with the initial feeling of helplessness of living with a disease like this, she and Nathan have decided to take action and join together with others who want to make a difference.   Her role models in dealing with IBMPFD are her late mother-in-law, Patty, and father-in-law, Kenny.  Patty and Kenny lived with the symptoms of the disease for over 20 years.  Patty had a zest for life and never let the disease slow her down.  Even in a wheel chair, Patty loved to shop, attend parties, and cheer on her grandsons at athletic events.  Each step of the way, she focused on what she could do instead of what she couldn't do.  Kenny was right by her side doing everything in his power to care for her and to make that happen.  Kenny's  best advice in dealing with IBMPFD has been "take one day at a time."  In honor of Patty Peck, Allison is committed to doing everything in her power to aid in the effort to finding a cure for VCP disease, for this generation and the next.

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