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About Us

At Cure VCP Disease, we're uncompromising in our dedication to finding a cure for VCP disease and giving hope to the many families worldwide impacted by this devastating disease. 

Our Beginning

With a family history of this ultra-rare disease, Nathan and Allison Peck, founders of Cure VCP Disease, were aware of the difficult road ahead as Nathan began exhibiting symptoms of the disease. They knew that if his symptoms were anything like his mother’s, Nathan would slowly lose the ability to walk and care for himself. He also would need periodic check-ups to test for other conditions, including bone disease, ALS, and dementia. Despite this haunting diagnosis, Nathan and Allison remained focused on the fact they had two choices: stand by idly, overcome with hopelessness, or fight. Refusing to accept defeat, Nathan and Allison launched Cure VCP Disease. 
With support from family members and patients worldwide, the Cure VCP Disease team has empowered patients, giving a voice to those who have suffered in silence. In a fight against time, Cure VCP Disease Inc. has put the world on notice: "It's Our Time to Fight Back." 
Since its founding, Cure VCP Disease has worked tirelessly to raise awareness, unite the world's leading researchers, and create unprecedented collaboration to develop a cure for diseases caused by the VCP gene. Step by step, discovery by discovery, our small team has grown with unrelenting momentum to stop this cycle of illness for the next generation.


Our mission is to unite and fund research while building collaborations and supporting patients within the VCP global community.
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Our vision is to ensure the availability of treatments and cures while improving the quality of life for patients and families.

Our Core Values

Six core values underpin our work and help us drive meaningful outcomes. They help us lead with a unifying purpose and a common ambition.

Our Focus

We are the hub to connect patients, researchers, and clinicians. Through our events, educational resources, research opportunities, scientific tools, and funding, we empower our community to make a difference in the world of VCP. 

Patients & Families

We offer connection with other patients and families, research opportunities, and information, such as care guides, support groups, physicians, therapists, and more.


We make research tools available and foster collaborations with scientists and researchers worldwide to drive the development of innovative treatments for VCP disease.

Clinical Care

We are a resource to learn more about VCP disease, clinical diagnosis, treatments and therapies, genetic testing, and research.

Our Team

Dedicated and caring doctors, scientists, professionals, patients, advocates and volunteers.

Our Impact

We are guided by six core values: Collaboration, Transparency, Patient-Centered, Inclusion, Innovation, and Urgency

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