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VCP/p97 is a member of the AAA ATPase family of proteins.

Below are select publications for reference and basic knowledge of VCP structure and functions.


 The following states are "No Donation States;" we cannot accept donations from Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Utah.

A copy of Cure VCP Disease’s financial statements may be obtained by contacting us at:  1302 Watson Blvd #1015 Warner Robins, GA 31093 or  Cure VCP Disease was formed in the state of Georgia for the purpose of driving efforts to cure diseases related to mutations of the Valosin Containing Protein gene.  

100% of donations are used to enable Cure VCP Disease, Inc. to fund research, education and awareness initiatives. Cure VCP Disease, Inc. has the right to redirect charitable contributions if the program goal has been met and/or is overfunded. The funds will be applied to the organization's greatest needs in research and program development.


Cure VCP Disease has a board-directed policy that allows for a maximum rate of 10% for indirect/F&A costs to non-profit institutions.


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