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Finding a doctor with experience with VCP disease is not easy. This map was created to help patients find specialists in their region and beyond. This tool may help narrow down your search. 

Disclaimer: Cure VCP Disease does not endorse any specific physician, research, or practice. This map is for general information purposes only. Cure VCP Disease makes no representations or warranties about the competency or effectiveness of the providers included in the map. It is a constant work in progress updated through participation with our organization and references from patients. For suggestions or more information, please email

Doctor's Visit

Refer your Doctor

Patients, you can help us build our VCP Medical Network by referring your doctor to us. By filling out the survey below, you can help to identify all the doctors, practitioners and therapists who are currently treating VCP patients worldwide.

About the VCP Medical Network

A group of clinicians treating patients with VCP associated multi-system proteinopathy

Benefits of being in the VCP Medical Network:

  • Your clinic will be included on our website and healthcare map.

  • We can provide educational resources (printed and online resources for patients).

  • We will share opportunities for future collaborations, educational webinars, and clinical trial readiness programs.

Criteria for clinicians to join:

  • Read the Published Care Guidelines developed by our expert multi-disciplinary team to help doctors diagnosis, treat, and monitor patients with VCP disease (multi-system proteinopathy)

  • Share with patients the VCP educational and patient support resources

  • Encourage your patients to enroll in the registry and learn about opportunities to participate in research

For clinicians interested in learning more about joining the VCP Medical Network and the criteria to join, please e-mail our team at

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