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For VCP Researchers

Cure VCP Disease makes research tools available and fosters collaborations with scientists and researchers worldwide in order to drive the development of innovative treatments for VCP disease. 

Cure VCP Disease Research Programs

Our research programs are centered on creating a pre-clinical toolbox, investigating new therapies, developing endpoints, and making resources available to scientists interested in developing treatments for individuals affected by a pathogenic variant in the VCP/p97 gene.

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Connect With Our Research Network

Connect with dedicated VCP researchers and scientists during our monthly focus groups. Together we are driving innovation and seeking solutions for VCP-related diseases. 

2024 VCP International Scientific Conference

Join the 2024 VCP International Scientific Conference from February 22 to 25, 2024. Dive into enlightening sessions, meet event chairs, explore our sponsors, and be part of groundbreaking discussions in VCP disease research. Register now!

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Learn more about our Integrated Approach

Dr. Armelle Pindon presents "VCP disease(s), an integrated approach to neurodegenerative disorders" as part of the C-Path 2023 Webinar Series.

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Explore Our VCP Scientific Resources

Explore the comprehensive collection of tools, models, and publications, designed to propel efficiency in VCP disease research.


Join our expanding network of researchers dedicated to understanding and combating diseases related to the Valosin Containing Protein (VCP or p97) gene.

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