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Breaking Down Barriers through International VCP Scientific Convenings

As we gear up for our next VCP Scientific Conference at Caltech on Feb. 22-24, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the remarkable progress achieved during the 2021 VCP Scientific Conference (publication link).

The 2021 conference was structured around nine dynamic sessions, each contributing to the goal of unraveling the intricate mechanisms underlying VCP mutations and their resulting diseases. Sessions 1 and 2 centered on in-depth discussions about the pathogenesis of VCP mutations, shedding light on the fundamental processes that trigger disease progression.

Session 8 of 2021 VCP Scientific Conference

Sessions 3 to 5 highlighted the power of cross-disciplinary research in bringing new tools and resources to the forefront. The synergy of different fields showcased innovative approaches that promise to reshape our understanding of VCP-related conditions.

Sessions 6, 7, and 9 were dedicated to identifying existing gaps in knowledge, laying the foundation for future research endeavors. This collaborative effort to pinpoint unexplored territories in the realm of VCP mutations paves the way for breakthrough discoveries in the future.

A significant focus of the conference was session 8, which revolved around clinical trial preparations. This session demonstrated our collective commitment to translating research findings into real-world interventions. The engagement of clinicians in developing the first Standard of Care protocol for VCP disease and the initiation of clinical trial readiness studies underscore our dedication to improving patient outcomes.

With a turnout of nearly 150 attendees representing 25 institutions from 13 countries, the conference successfully fostered a diverse and inclusive environment. The demographic distribution (60% female, 40% male) exemplifies our collective pursuit of equitable representation within the scientific community.

Additionally, the poster sessions and short talks provided a platform for budding researchers and investigators to share their latest findings. These sessions acted as a dynamic avenue for knowledge exchange, allowing participants to explore unpublished breakthroughs and witness the progress being made in the field.

Notably, the conference showcased the remarkable strides we have made in comprehending VCP-related disease complexities. Intriguing insights emerged from recent in vitro studies, elucidating the role of ATP hydrolysis in driving protein unfolding and the altered dynamics resulting from VCP mutations. This increased understanding is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines our community.

2021 VCP Scientific Conference Video Playlist

The partnership between Cure VCP Disease and clinicians in developing the first standard of care protocol and the initiation of clinical trial readiness studies holds the potential to transform the treatment landscape for VCP-related conditions. The conference's multidisciplinary and collaborative essence kindles optimism about the prospects of therapeutic interventions to mitigate disease phenotypes.


Looking ahead, we recognize the importance of maintaining this interdisciplinary approach. We will integrate all of these learnings into our 2024 VCP International Scientific Conference.

We will continue to focus on both molecular and clinical advances, thereby enriching our comprehension of VCP disease. By fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that welcomes a multitude of perspectives, we will undoubtedly unlock deeper insights into this complex field.

In closing, we eagerly anticipate the 2024 conference, where we can collectively build upon the momentum of our previous successes and forge new paths towards conquering the challenges posed by VCP pathogenic variants and associated diseases.



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