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Celebrating your support - see our collective impact!

As November ushers in the season of thanksgiving, I want to thank everyone of our volunteers, donors, and partners for being a part of the Cure VCP Disease community. Thank you for believing in our mission of finding a cure for VCP disease. Thank you for your continued partnership.

Since we started Cure VCP Disease five years ago, Nathan and I have been endlessly amazed by the tremendous impact that a group of patients can have with the right partners. We could not have accomplished so much without EACH AND EVERY ONE of you.

Together, we have made important strides in our mission to discover a cure by driving research and supporting patients internationally. With your support and involvement, Cure VCP Disease has:

We are proud of these achievements and the opportunities they provide for us to expand our programs and resources. We are excited to share more about how you can help us build an even stronger foundation for drug discovery and a better future. Future funds will be used to advance scientific discovery, including funding gene editing projects using CRISPR and launching a drug screening program.

For our year-end giving campaign, we have set a bold goal of raising $50,000 by December 31st to help us continue to fight for a cure. Each dollar donated makes a huge difference as the organization spends 86% of all funds raised on research and education.

Let’s continue to build a strong foundation together.

In hope,

Allison Peck

Founder and CFO

Cure VCP Disease



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