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Saluting and honoring an exceptional graduate, Ajay Patel

Graduation season is in full swing. Many of us have family members and friends with graduating students. Whether it’s progressing from preschool to kindergarten, elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, and or off to higher educational institutions, we want to acknowledge their hard work.

Ajay Patel
Ajay Patel

Today, we salute and honor an exceptional graduate, Ajay Patel. We congratulate him for completing his high school years with honors. He exemplifies the characteristics of a true leader. Ajay has vision, humility, focus, courage, tenacity, and discipline. Ajay demonstrated this through his senior class project. He has an “I Can” attitude and wants to create awareness for VCP disease and raise funds to find treatments and a cure.

Ajay’s senior class project involved him setting a goal of riding 500 miles on his bicycle. He hoped this would inspire his family and friends to make a financial contribution to his efforts. Ajay also set a financial goal to raise $10,000. Yes, a senior in high school! This was his senior class project; Ajay would cycle 500 miles and raise money to spread the word about VCP disease.

We are excited to announce that Ajay EXCEEDED his goals! He cycled over 500 miles and raised nearly $12,000 for the Cure VCP Disease organization! Ajay received high marks on his project, completing his final academic year in high school with great success. Way to go, Ajay! He truly leads by example!

We are so appreciative of Ajay and admire his dedication. Please join us in congratulating Ajay for a job well done and wishing him tremendous success at the University of Utah, where he will study business and financial technology.

Our best wishes are with Ajay. We look forward to sharing more stories of his success in the future--and know there will be more to come! THANK YOU, Ajay, for sharing your “I CAN” attitude with us!



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