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  • Cure VCP Disease, Inc.

"We must not take for granted what our bodies CAN do NOW!"

Hello, my name is Leah Miles.

I have dedicated my life to non-profit and ministry work. I partner with the most amazing people and organizations, and I feel truly grateful for the opportunity to serve with them.

I select one charitable organization each year to be the recipient of my personal fundraising efforts.

In 2023, I am choosing the Cure VCP Disease I CAN MOVEment.

I plan to ride my bike or walk each day (from this day forward) because I CAN... We must not take for granted what our bodies CAN do NOW!


Please join Leah in raising awareness for VCP disease.

Join the I Can Movement and/or support her in her efforts...because YOU CAN!


This cause is personal, so read on to find out why I am partnering with the Cure VCP Disease organization...

I am doing this in honor of one of my favorite people, my Uncle, Dave Anderson.

Uncle Dave rode his bicycle for many years across the state of Iowa in the famous Ragbrai cycling event... He biked 500 miles each year in the event (not to mention training for it), and when he could no longer ride his bike, he supported those who needed help along the route.

I salute my Uncle for all the I CAN's he did! He showed me how to live life and live it to the fullest!

My Uncle Dave has a great zest for life and has the biggest heart.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are the times I shared with my Uncle Dave.

He always made time for me and my brother. He created the magic that happened during Christmas. He dressed up as Santa Claus every year, contributing to my belief in Santa until I was twelve years old.

Uncle Dave built snow forts with us in the winter and went fishing and swimming with us during the summer.

He even hitchhiked when he was 18 years old (Yes! He was a rebel) from Iowa to Florida to come and visit our family.

Uncle Dave has always been brave, fun, and adventurous. I remember him helping my dad build our tree fort and then playing with us for hours in it.

Uncle Dave was so cool and still is!

As I grew older, his love and care didn't stop.

We danced, listened to live music, played cards, enjoyed great meals, and one of my favorites... have gone mushrooming together.

Uncle Dave is a good husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, and business executive. He had a thriving career and during the process went back to school to continue his education.

He demonstrated by leading and is a perfect example of the importance of being a life-long learner.

So, not only is Uncle Dave fun but he is smart, talented, and a leader in all of his endeavors.

Life is slowing down for my dear Uncle. Yet, he is still young, in his sixties, and only nine years older than me.

Uncle Dave is suffering from a rare disease that has very similar symptoms to patients with VCP disease.

He doesn't have VCP disease but is affected by extreme Myosistitus (SIBM and PMR), a muscle weakness.

He is having difficulty raising his arms, climbing stairs, and walking without assistance. It is impacting his core and legs and will eventually affect his respiratory and heart muscles.

His suffering is a tragedy.

My fun-loving, athletic, generous, intelligent, handsome, talented, larger-than-life Uncle can't do the things he once could but I CAN use my voice and influence to help him and others impacted by muscle disease.

I am asking for your support to help find treatments and cures for muscle disease.

Please be generous in your giving to help bring patients and doctors together to help one another and drive research towards treatments and cures, for people like my Uncle Dave.

Join me in the I CAN MOVEment because you CAN!

Thank you for your generosity and support! With gratitude,

Leah Miles

P.S. - I pledge to match every donation given in honor of Uncle Dave. So, give and give abundantly, for such a time as this!


Join the I Can Movement and/or support me in my efforts.

Please join me in raising awareness for VCP disease.




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